4 secrets to optimize the productivity of your Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant can be more complicated than you can imagine.  You need to be clear and precise with your goals, objectives, and processes to impact your productivity positively. So, how can you improve work performance by planning?


The answer is surprisingly more accessible than you believe, but it does require some critical insight on remote work not to lose your head while implementing these changes. Luckily for you, we have gathered 4 crucial vital aspects that will forever change how you approach the task management of your virtual assistant to improve work performance.


Before diving into these questions, it is crucial to think; what exactly do you want help with?

You would be amazed at how many clients are unsure how to answer this question correctly once they have set up with their VA. Unclear objectives lead towards a decrease in productivity. If you are unsure, you can set up a free discovery call with us to delve into this matter together!



Improve work performance


1) A transparent work environment does wonders with your productivity

Respect and communication with your co-workers are mandatory in any job, but it becomes an indispensable part of your work dynamic when doing it remotely. However, lately, something that often goes ignored and has become a subject of analysis is how stress and intrusive environments can negatively impact your work performance. As Suzie Flynn, an expert in virtual assistants mentions in her latest blog


“As an entrepreneur, you need to ask you need to juggle between multiple tasks. Virtual Assistants can help you lessen the stress derived by it,” this often rings true for small, medium, and big companies where a complicated environment affects a whole ecosystem. 


Ensure that your employees have a correct workload for their skill set and that communication is as clear and transparent as possible. You will see how can this improve work performance in no time, especially in a remote environment where the diagnosis of these situations is often complicated 




2) Properly train your virtual assistant.

Even the most professional virtual assistant requires clear training of what you need him to do. Sometimes we believe that just because someone has vast experience doing specific jobs, he can perfectly translate our thoughts into actions. 


Taking the necessary time to explain what is expected of him and setting instructions into words can significantly affect productivity. Take the necessary time to speak with your virtual assistant and do some tasks together to see how you take on specific processes. You will see how this investment of time will significantly help your productivity in the long run.


If your schedule is too crowded, you can also try to use Loom or another recording tool to show how you would do things and how do you expect the results to be presented. There is always a way to provide the necessary information to make things work, just as our friends at Rovva explained in detail! 


Improve work performance


3) Metrics are critical when it comes to improving work performance

An important fact that often gets overseen is the metrics. It is essential to define a reasonable time frame to achieve the goals and numbers you need. Make sure that you review these often and always with your virtual assistant. You need to work together to identify any issues or opportunities for improvement, especially those that are easy to solve.


You need to keep in mind the number of hours you assign to your virtual assistant. Having a clear image of what you need to have completed in this time-lapse is very important. The productivity of those hours might not be positive during the first couple of days, but you will see how this changes with practice. 


An essential tip of our friends at There is Talent is that you should set daily, weekly and monthly goals to study them individually. Check if something is holding you back. Normally you will notice a specific problem within a time frame, isolate it and study it. 



4) Make sure you have the best tools for the job

As incredible as it may sound, some clients have reported issues keeping up to date with the latest trends in marketing software or similar alternatives that they may find in the market for their companies. It also happens that virtual assistants may be good at what they do, but when their tools or their processes are obsolete, they won´t be able to perform accordingly. 

However, this can be solved if you do research every 6 months on the best choices of software. Ideally, you should target those that help you keep your company running more efficiently. It is normal if you switch tools from time to time as some of them are better than others. Remember to always keep an eye on this or ask your virtual assistant to keep it for you!



We know that if you implement these ideas in no particular order, you will see a change in productivity like you have never seen. Working remotely with a virtual assistant can be challenging at times, but it will become just another part of your routine with the correct preparation.


It goes without saying that in case you wish to get your very own virtual assistant or you need help getting things set up, you can schedule a free call with us. We can lend you a hand in times of need as we know that not everyone can adapt as quickly as the remote working industry demands.