How to build profit with the best real estate marketing strategy

Marketing envelops much more than just social media or graphic design. To create a successful real estate marketing strategy, you need to know the business, the clients, and the proper funnels. Each client has a unique story and background that you need to reach out successfully. We understand the core differences that come with each […]

Salary to Hourly Rate: Which is Better for your Business

Many articles talk about the impact of working per hour or per project for freelancers. However, not many of them happen to study this effect in the companies that hire them.  We know that this is something that keeps many business owners skeptical when it comes to remote work. So, we want to tackle this […]

The 10 most demanded Remote Work Skills

Remote work is not only a change of environment but also a change in your mindset. When we speak about essential skills, we are not referring to formal education such as programming knowledge or language skills. Instead, we focus on those 10 soft skills that make you a more desirable candidate for any company hiring […]

Healthcare Staffing: How Remote Work Changed the Dynamics

It is no secret that remote work has entered the ring in many industries since early 2021. However, when it comes to healthcare staffing, it has changed significantly how recruiters find solutions for companies that belong to this group. The way they conceptualize positions has also changed dramatically due to the incursion of virtual medical […]

Pride Special: How has remote work helped inclusion?

June is known worldwide as Pride month, which is devoted to celebrating the different groups that form the LGBTQ2S+. We know that this topic is full of controversy, but we also know how important it is to make everyone feel at home when creating a healthy company culture. So, we want to dedicate a whole […]