The 10 most demanded Remote Work Skills

Remote work is not only a change of environment but also a change in your mindset. When we speak about essential skills, we are not referring to formal education such as programming knowledge or language skills. Instead, we focus on those 10 soft skills that make you a more desirable candidate for any company hiring […]

How remote work solves the healthcare staffing problem

When it comes to healthcare staffing, most people tend to have an opinion. Since the pandemic started, the health sector has seen significant changes. Decision-makers had to act swiftly and avoid a total collapse of the system. But thanks to remote work, things did not go out of hand as many feared at first.   […]

Pride Special: How has remote work helped inclusion?

June is known worldwide as Pride month, which is devoted to celebrating the different groups that form the LGBTQ2S+. We know that this topic is full of controversy, but we also know how important it is to make everyone feel at home when creating a healthy company culture. So, we want to dedicate a whole […]

The ultimate guide for hiring a virtual assistant

Globalization has made connecting with others worldwide easier and faster than ever. Thanks to remote work, finding the perfect professional for your company is not as difficult as it once was. There are plenty of staffing agencies that will allow you professionals willing to work remotely on a very flexible schedule. You can hire a […]

How remote healthcare jobs have transformed in 2022

When we speak about public and private health, we refer to millions of daily operations, from regular consultations to procedures. This vast machine received a huge blow when coronavirus shook the world in 2019. However, remote healthcare jobs have emerged since health centers required help but could not afford to have people on-site for specific […]