How to use a VA? Chapter 2: Realtor Agent

The real estate company is one of the most exciting sectors in the world of Virtual Assistants; they are constantly moving through many places, and some of that behind must take the pieces and organize them in the same place. That’s why the virtual real estate assistant was born. They are professionals in the area […]

VA Locator means Staffing Solutions and more

VA Locator offers a unique combination of staffing solutions for our clients. We cover many projects, from simple personal assistants to more complex matters such as website development, app creation, bookkeeping, etc. Our experience working with specialized industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Marketing, and Information Technologies, is also quite notorious. During the past years, […]

Marketing Social Media

There aren’t enough hours in the day for one person to execute every aspect of a marketing plan.  Whether you are trying to define your brand, increase visibility, or generate sales leads, marketing is key to your success. VA Locator Marketing Assistants are a cost-effective, convenient way to leverage the expertise of experienced marketing professionals […]

Multilingual Services

We are in the XXI century; our clients could be worldwide through the internet. Some live in different countries or speak other languages, but they are excellent partners for your business. Well, maybe you’ll need a translator; but if you want to take another step, hire multilingual services to reach new kinds of customers and […]