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Fundana and our experience

This 2020 we have been through trying times, but before the pandemic started, we had a chance to go to this amazing place. Fundana is an ONG dedicated to save and help kids that are into rough situations in-home, serving as a witness protection program, or being the first place that some unlucky children arrive […]
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Quarantine means stay at home, not stop the world!

The quarantine will be part of our routines shortly. We know that these are trying times for everyone as an individual and companies and businesses. However, we do not lose hope that the situation may change shortly with the vaccine or other positive changes. Until that time arrives, you must take all the necessary precautions […]
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How do we give something back?

Venezuela is a really colorful place to live, and we named everything after a sobriquet or diminutive. But, all this may lead us to go through many difficulties, and at this moment we are a damaged country. We are not talking just to the economy; is our young a diverse society that is suffering all […]
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2020 Resolutions that an entrepreneur should have

Never is too late to set resolutions! 2020 for some, is the beginning of a new decade, for others just the end of it. For us, it is a unique opportunity to bring you the possibility to make your business grow. Like the times, the energy flow quickly, and it is a matter of you, […]
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