How to build profit with the best real estate marketing strategy

Marketing envelops much more than just social media or graphic design. To create a successful real estate marketing strategy, you need to know the business, the clients, and the proper funnels. Each client has a unique story and background that you need to reach out successfully. We understand the core differences that come with each industry and how to approach them.


We want to share with you some of the main topics we have identified in our experience working in real estate. These core ideas have created whole real estate marketing strategies around them with a sounding success. They have worked even in complex situations such as the pandemic and the slow market that affected realtors. 


Adapting your situation according to your specific properties and clients is also essential. You need to have enough experience to judge what makes your particular company unique and how to best take advantage of it. Adaptability is the most critical advice we can give you regarding marketing strategy. Speaking of which:


Knowing yourself is the key to creating solid real estate marketing 


The first step toward any strategy design is knowing oneself. Sometimes we have specific things that set us apart from the competition. It might be your properties, the type of service you provide, or what market you focus on. Whatever you feel is your differentiator, you need to capitalize on it. Make sure that everyone knows what sets you apart from your competitors. 


However, it is not only related to your products or service. You should also take into consideration your service. Is there any peculiarity in how you do things? Do you have any extra talent that other people in your industry lack?


Knowing your strengths and what makes you stand out is the first step. Once you have selected the traits that you wish to explore, things get easier. It would help to create a real estate marketing strategy around those core strengths. 



Select the right tool for each stage of your pipeline


Once you have identified what you want to enhance about yourself, the second stage is you select the proper tool for each job. There are plenty of ways to build funnels to reach your potential leads and convert them into clients. They are very different as each type of buyer persona has a different way of connecting with your business. 


From LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, renting boards, and direct outreach, there are plenty of ways to connect. You can also choose a combination of platforms to connect and nurture your leads. The main goal is to be present for them even if your possible clients are not ready to buy, sell or rent. 


The main goal has the proper tools to meet them and build trust around you. It is also quite relevant to select channels that are cost-efficient for you. Ads, for example, are powerful but expensive. You should save those only when you have a lot of business and require clients quickly. However, for everyday purposes, you can have a content strategy that helps you get your name out there. 


Your main guideline is: To get people to know you, build trust around them, and finally make your services available to secure them. 


Marketing pipeline


Hire experts to perform in critical roles to support you (that understand real estate marketing)


Now, let us fast forward to the point where your ideas and tools are set. It would help if you had someone with expertise in marketing to help you get things rolling. You must hire at least a marketing or social media manager with experience. They will help you identify any weaknesses or holes in your plan. 


They can also help you double-check your decisions to ensure all plans go smoothly. Most business owners even prefer to leave the operative side to their manager and focus only on the strategy. Nobody knows real estate better than you, but actual state marketing experts will ensure that knowledge is translated into effective campaigns. 


Just as you are the best-qualified person to lead your business inside your industry, so are the professionals who know marketing. The ideal situation is that you can cooperate to create a unique approach for clients.

Real estate marketing strategy

Once you set everything up, capitalize on automation


Another core advice we always provide is to ensure you are using automation. Marketing is a particular sector where these tools help scale things up. You can manually send 20 or so daily emails customized to each client, but with an automated campaign, that number can increase to +100. 


It is also very relevant for your business to be able to receive, classify, and answer a massive number of messages. Whether you use social media or not, you must have a heavy presence there. Schedules are also something to keep an eye on; sometimes, you will not be online to take care of international clients, for example. With the help of automation, you can process their request even if it happens after hours.


There are many positive aspects of adopting automation. Including this into your marketing strategy will create unique opportunities that might have been impossible. Make sure to consult with your marketing support which are the best tools that fit your budget. Also, do not commit yourself to only one choice. Try different setups and see which is the best tool for your particular plan.



Finally, make sure that you keep an eye on your indicators. 


Marketing is a complex side of any business. Nonetheless, you can use different metrics to help determine if something is truly working or not. Make sure that your team keeps track of all the details related to the behavior of your different channels.


From your website to your followers, all those numbers are essential for your overall strategy. They should be gathered regularly on reports, allowing you to digest the information effortlessly. Your whole real estate marketing strategy will benefit from clearly seeing where you work. 


This practice will help you set up the basis for what works and doesn’t so that you will make better decisions. As a business owner, you need to make intelligent choices that will prove profitable in the long run. Marketing can be a rabbit hole if you don’t invest wisely, so make sure every step is calculated. Always try to plan and see where your budget can get you. You should learn to see allies in numbers instead of fearing them.



The secret formula behind a real estate marketing strategy


As we mentioned earlier, adaptability and foresight are the core sides that should guide your marketing strategy. It would help if you first started by studying your business and understanding yourself. Then, decide what channels and platforms you want to use to reach your ideal clients. These two points are very closely related. 


Once everything is set up, it is time to call the cavalry. Make sure you have a qualified marketing team to help you transform all these insights into action. A solid real estate marketing strategy is created with the combined knowledge of your business and marketing.  With everything in place, you must invest in the right tools for the job.


We hope this summary helps you remember each critical step of the process. We know that it can be somewhat confusing, but it makes sense once you set yourself in motion. Moreover, you can always count on our sales team to help you decide the correct step that should come next. VA Locator specializes in finding hidden talent around Latin America, but we also make sure that our clients know how much this can benefit them. By constructing your marketing strategy with us, there is much to be earned from the budget side and the strategy.


VA Locator

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