The reality of going virtual: the remote worker’s experience

When we speak about remote working, we always mention the fact that it is not only a way to work but is also a way to live. However, we know that there is only so much you can learn from theory. To solve this, we launched our very ClubHouse room to share with you the remote worker´s experience directly from the source, our top-notch virtual assistants who had a heart-to-heart with our participants. 



This audio format allowed them to share their honest opinions and experiences about their processes, going from a regular in-site job to a fully remote worker rockstar. It was different for each of them; we can all agree that it was a challenge that they completed successfully in the end. We also enjoyed the company of our project manager, Patricia Peña, who has been a critical member of our team as she is guiding light for our newest virtual assistants who have no previous experience being remote workers.



Our CEO, Ignacio Thielen, led the whole discussion, who has made his mission that each voice is heard and that no one is left behind during this pandemic. He has led the ship towards more serene waters while also holding firm during the hardest tempest that COVID-19 throw out at VALocator. We want to invite you to listen for yourselves, so you can enjoy the experience for yourself or, if you want to, keep reading so you can have a written summary of our first community experience!



Remote worker´s



Oriana Gonzalez switched her life to experience the remote worker’s

Oriana´s story makes you admire her resilience for changing. She arrived at our door after being let go from her old job due to the pandemic. She was uncertain about her future as she was an architect and no other positions were available. Her old boss was the one who pointed her toward us and, bravely, she decided to take on this opportunity. 



“Being a remote worker is a lot like being an architect; our minds are set into designing the best way to fulfill a task,” said Oriana proudly during her intervention. During her first year, she took more than one client and managed to handle up to 3 at the same time successfully. For her, this dynamism was fascinating and made her push herself to become a better version of herself.



For her, the demands of multiple clients are a way to learn and adapt, making it an attractive remote worker´s experience. Of course, she had to adapt and learn how to use new tools and buy new equipment for her home office, but now she can’t imagine herself working at a slow pace for only one company. 


Remote Worker´s


Victor became a time bender with remote work 


Our second guest speaker, the ClubHouse, Victor Hernandéz, spoke about how he was in a conundrum between his thesis and working to cover his expenses. But, he found a perfect alternative that allowed him to do all the things he needed while also generating money. 



Victor took his time and studied carefully all the companies that promoted remote work in Venezuela. He studied the benefits, selection processes, and work dynamics. In the end, he chose VALocator as his new house, and he is happy with his decision. “Working from home allows me to save money in gas, and it is very convenient for myself to fit my working out routine,” shared Victor with our visitors. 



Not all is fun and games for the remote worker´s experience; Victor also shared how difficult it is for him to sometimes fight with the internet or power failures that the country has. Luckily for him, there are many plans that our virtual assistants have in case this happens



Remote worker´s experience


The technology at the service of Gianluigi Strippoli


Finally, Gianluigi Strippoli gave us a nice finishing touch to our conversation. He spoke to us about his experience as a web developer. He has had an exciting experience working semi-remotely in the past and only until he came to VALocator. “To develop yourself in any way you want is something that I wouldn’t change for any office,” were his opening words. 



Gianluigi then proceeded to explain to us how important it is to protect your data when working remotely and how VALocator protects the assets of its clients and remote workers. He also took a minute to share how he feels happy with his internal team and feels at home with them. 



As you can see, our ClubHouse experience was a tiny yet powerful pill to enter into the world of remote working. We will continue opening new spaces of interaction between our community of virtual assistants and any other people interested in learning from them. We believe in Venezuelan talent, so we will always be more than happy to nurture it!



If you wonder how you can start your story with us today, make sure to visit our website and register today. If you are a client who thinks we are the perfect fit,  drop us a message so we can meet and help you find your perfect assistant. 


Remote Workers Experience