The secret of how to Thanksgiving with your remote team

It is that time of the year again when we meet with all our loved ones to share our experiences, gifts, and good reasons we are grateful. Thanksgiving is a time full of meditation as we recall the things we lived during the year that have left a mark on us. Naturally, our co-workers are also part of the celebration, but how can you engage with others when working on a remote team?


Well, we know that it might look easy; just emailing a gift or paying a bonus is enough, right? The answer is quite the opposite. Thanks to the pandemic, many teams had to celebrate Thanksgiving remotely during last year, and, by the looks of it, this year won’t be any different. So, we have gathered the best ideas, experiences, and hacks on how you can genuinely celebrate together as a work family even if you are in different parts of the globe.


It is important to remark that this kind of holiday is a strategic opportunity to strengthen your bonds with your remote team. Naturally, working with someone not physically with you can be exhausting, but there are many ways to help you close that gap.


If you are hesitant about welcoming a virtual assistant on your remote team or need help deciding if it is the best course of action, we highly recommend you schedule a free discovery call with us to help you. It is our way to say thanks for putting your trust in our hands.


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Prepare beforehand and organize in-work activities for a remote team.


It goes without saying that when working remotely, it is common to see people that do not share the same holidays as you. So, it is vital to prepare beforehand and explain to everyone what Thanksgiving is about and why it is so essential for you. You can invite your team members to make shortlists of things they feel grateful for at work or things that changed their lives for the better during the year. 


No matter how small or simple it is, any change is worth noting and grateful for. The desired promotion, a new friend, or a new skill are all things that deserve recognition for who is better for that than your co-workers. Just remember to set up the mood in advance, send e-cards saying thanks, share classic recipes, or even make a playlist to share in your office.


Take the necessary time to ensure that everyone can be part of the celebration remotely. You can even call it a Worksgiving of sorts!




Thanksgiving is all about showing your gratitude to others.


This one is significant when it comes to clients and partners. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them being part of your daily life. Ideally, you should have spent enough time during the year to get to know them a little better. What do they like, what are the fans of, among other interests, so your gift reflects this.


However, if you have substantial client databases or are interested in making a little marketing effort, you can consistently offer discounts. Holidays are exciting dates as people are more prone to expend money as a way of saying thanks to their providers.


Speaking of which, you should also consider giving something back to your community. After ensuring everyone has received their proper gifts, consider donating to a local charity. Even better, if you can set up different activities for each of your teammates in their communities, it would send a massive message about your corporate values. 




A team who enjoys together builds together.


In the end, you need to stay true to the festivities and enjoy yourself with your team. Make sure to create activities and spaces to let others share and express themselves. We have seen that remote teams benefit significantly from a focused time devoted to building better relationships. A communicative team can be as much as 20% more productive when it compares to others.


It would help if you also were grateful that you had endured so many tests with the pass of time. When the pandemic forced many companies to embrace remote work, a good amount of them could not be flexible enough and ceased to exist. You have come a long way, adapting new work dynamics, building a remote team, and even thinking about creating an excellent Thanksgiving time for them.


This is the best proof that you have what it takes to succeed in the online world. If you are thinking of improving or expanding your remote team, our door is always open to help set things up; you can schedule a free call with us


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