Virtual Assistant Jobs: The myths and truths of 2021

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of active virtual assistants has almost doubled worldwide as it is a very efficient way to make money from home. Remote workers have embraced virtual assistants jobs as an excellent way to put their professional skills to work profitably. As it happens with new things, there are numerous myths about what a virtual assistant job is and what can you expect from one.

That is why we wanted to share some common misconceptions of virtual assistant jobs and shed some light on them to show you the whole picture. Some myths are a partial truth, much must be discussed and analyzed before embracing them as law. 


We will focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly myths of being a virtual assistant so you can easily navigate them. It is also important to mention that while we did some research, most of the answers you will find below cover some of our own experiences at VA Locator and are products of your work. 


Without further ado, let us dive into the central myths of virtual assistant jobs to see what is truly going on. If you wish to become a virtual assistant on your own, remember that you can easily schedule an interview with our HR team, and they will gladly help you go through our recruitment process. 


2021 has a lot of surprises


Everyone can take a virtual assistant job; they are easy and simple

On a positive note, not every virtual assistant requires tons of experience to be a good one. Most administrative tasks are easy to take on, and, in most cases, you need the training to help you learn the processes or preferred tools of your client. An onboarding process is most likely enough in this case.


If you wish to take more specialized positions beyond this, you will need to have some academic background that helps you avoid unnecessary training, thus, making it easier for your client and you. But, again, if you are a good fit, chances are that it is because you won’t require vast amounts of training to perform. Communication is vital, though; we highly recommend you practice your communication skills; we even have some exciting guides on our YouTube Channel!


Nowadays, virtual assistants are part of different niches such as real estate, finance, marketing, health, and education. Not everyone is suited for every position, so don’t be overwhelmed if you see only specialized openings; you will find something that matches your experience.


Don't break your head


Virtuality gets in the way of productivity, communication, and performance.

Harmful myths are also part of nature when discussing virtual assistant jobs. They focus on how remote workers can hinder communication, productivity, or overall performance. Although they mention valid points, they are not solid truths. Yes, most companies can face difficulties adjusting to a virtual workplace. Don’t lose faith if you have a negative impact first; you can quickly solve this problem with a professional team who knows how to do things remotely.


Other common harmful myths are that Virtual Assistants are only temporary or a danger to your confidential information. Both of them lie as we know that virtual assistants can be a part of your project as long as you need them, and they can grow to be part of your internal team. Some of our Virtual Assistants have become managers in their companies!


Privacy and confidentiality are also rigorous and easy to ensure in this digital age. With many tools to keep confidential information secure, you can use Lastpass to avoid showing your passwords and Google Drive to protect your files with the different access levels. We can provide more insight on which are the best tools for the job in our VA Academy in which you can learn how to become a better VA or how to work better with one if you are on the client-side. 




A virtual assistant can increase my expenses and lose my business. 

Some myths only aim to make virtual assistant jobs look bad. They seek to create a sensation of unreliability over what a virtual assistant can really cost for you. The employee’s money is safe as virtual assistants only charge per worked hour. There are plenty of ways you can check with your virtual assistant if their job is really complete.


The best one is for the virtual assistant and the client to check the tasks together once they have been completed. Employers can choose to do it alone or in a call with their virtual assistant. Ideally, both parties should agree on how much time a determined task can take and then adjust it with time until it satisfies both. Some activities may decrease their time when your VA masters them. In the end, you will save money in the long run, no matter what!


Also, a virtual assistant may require some supervision, but in the end, they want to be as autonomous as you wish them to be. After proper adjusting, employers don’t need to be on top of their VA’s.

So, here they are, some of the most common myths, misconceptions, and facts about a virtual assistant’s job. We know that these are just some of the most common and that there are plenty more, so make sure to follow us on our social media to learn more about what is true and what is not about virtual assistants. Also, if you are ready to start your journey with a remote worker, make sure to make an appointment with us.