What is SEO: A First Look

Many clients are aware of the existence of SEO. Still, not everyone knows precisely what is SEO and how it can influence their online presence. However, it is a unique perk that will help you reach a lot more audience with not only your written content but the entirety of your website. 

SEO means consistency

SEO has become an essential tool for most business owners. What most ignore is the need to be patient. Some believe that just adding specific keywords here and there will work, but SEO is more than that. 

You must build a strategy, closely pick each word and create articles to start giving Google that sense of authority for at least a semester. 

Due to our post-modern times, online presence is more important now than it has ever been. All companies should exploit the benefits of owning a website. 

To capitalize on other aspects, you must keep this in mind:

Overall, positioning yourself as a reference in your industry positively affects sales and clients and will help you elevate the business by adding a new sale channel to your deck of cards.  

So, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; as it suggests, it encompasses the necessary strategies for making your content more relevant for most search engines. 

What is a Search Engine?

Google is the most important search engine, there are others; Bing, Yahoo and WebKit are both “powerful” and can help you with your online shops and searches. 

They are not so relevant in the current market. They can be exploited, but Google represents 97% of the total share. 

What is an SEO Strategy?

A strategy for SEO has a lot of parts to it, these parts are called tactics. You need to consider technical details such as: 

All the mentioned above are the building pieces of a good and complete SEO strategy, without proper management of each of those, the car starts working without one of its pieces. 

Good SEO professionals also consider which topics you take on and how you decide to tackle them. It is the angle when creating content for a guide or writing a testimonial for a website that you can see good SEO strategy taking place. 

Where do SEO takes place? 

Usually, SEO focuses mainly on your primary text sources, such as your website copies or blogs, but it can also reach other forms of written communication. 

Social media such as Instagram or TikTok, where text falls into a second plane, can also be optimized with good hashtag criteria. However, most SEO efforts explained in this guide take place on the web browsers. 

As you can see, the answer to “what is SEO” can be pretty complete depending on how much reach you wish to have. 

But as a short recap, SEO can be defined as the efforts you put into making a search engine position you in the top of the results page. 

What is SEO marketing?

SEO is a subset ace of Digital Marketing where you optimize the process of creating, analyzing, and optimizing content with the purpose of increasing its visibility in search engines through organic means. 

It also entails working together with good use of a brand voice, unique visual proposals, good user experience, and more disciplines. 

What are SEO Tools? 

One crucial question that many clients have is just how expensive it is to start building their SEO services. 

Starting your SEO optimization from scratch can become quite expensive as you need to purchase SEO tools such as Mangools, Ahrefs, or SEMRush. They effectively provide you with a healthy amount of keywords and strategy suggestions that will help you tackle your SEO effectively.

However, they are not cheap, and there is a fantastic “free” choice you can use: Google KW Planner

You just create a campaign and immediately put it on hold; this way, you access the Google Keyword Planner tool but don’t spend money on PPC campaigns. 

How SEO tools should be used? 

It is always recommended that they are handled by an SEO expert who knows how to make the most out of them. Aside from this, you require an excellent blog editor, such as WordPress. Using Google Keyword Planner will help you make the most out of your blog articles and empower your whole site building at a very low cost! A strategy that you will be grateful for in the long run. 

Additionally, Google allows you to see your current statistics free using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, two of the best analytics tools. They can help you measure your impact and how you want to correct your strategy. Monitoring and evaluation are essential parts of the puzzle of what SEO is. 

Be aware, they're two types of SEO

When it comes to SEO as a professional discipline, one has to refer mainly to a coin; it has two sides: 

regarding their strategy and design is a topic that is a bit more technic, it will be covered on a future post. But as a concrete definition, Off-page is related to all that can be done outside your website, and On-page SEO is all related to what can be done on your website. 

You often see On-page SEO taking place, but it is a huge mistake not to leverage the necessity of link building. 

This strategy is also essential as it complements all the efforts that you are focusing on your leading site. There are 4 core pillars of off-site SEO that you must consider and promote actively. These are:

  1. Backlinks: It focuses on exchanging links with other trusted and optimized sites to exchange visitors. It can also help you create a significant presence online as an expert in your niche
  2. Google My Business: Another essential tool to help you position yourself on the map. Google My Business allows you to create a company site attached to the google GPS that will help you be found by clients and receive reviews.
  3. Mentions: Similar to backlinks, this refers to when other sites refer to your brand, site, or even your products without having a direct link for you. It is a powerful way to establish yourself on the market!
  4. Social Media: Social media is the most vital part of the off-site SEO strategy; you need to optimize your social channels to provide a good funnel and be present in all markets. 

But is SEO for everyone?

Most business owners need to pay more attention to the power of SEO in the long run. It won't do a magic trick without proper copywriting and social media support, but SEO can change how you generate leads. 

Even if you are not familiarized with the answer to “What is SEO?” it is essential to understand how it can positively affect your business. 

Capturing people's attention and demonstrating that you are an expert in the field is critical when establishing a robust online presence. 

SEO will help you reach more people, so you can truly demonstrate what your services and products are made of. As you have seen, your website, your blogs, and your social media will benefit significantly from a proper strategy behind it. 

Even if you think SEO is irrelevant in your industry or your business, it will benefit the company in the long run to have this strategy set. 

Here at VA Locator are experts in deploying and designing SEO strategies. Our clients have seen incredible benefits in their website metrics when hiring our experts to help them draw an action plan for their sites. 

Learn more about our SEO services! Make sure to book your free demo to know more about what we can do for you. 

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What is SEO: A First Look
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