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What we do.

We provide staffing solutions for clients around the globe. We specialize in finding, training, and monitoring  virtual assistans for our clients. Our VAs provide different professional services remotely but focus on the real estate, healthcare, and marketing industries. Our staff is dedicated to helping your empower your virtual office and maximize your productivity.

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Meet the management team

Ignacio Thielen - CEO

Ignacio is VA locator's CEO. He is in charge of overseeing all operations and critical executive decisions. He graduated from The University of Tampa and has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and big corporations. Ignacio is passionate about guaranteeing that clients always have the best service possible. He is also a big believer in how entrepreneurs are the future of business.

Patricia Peña - COO

Patricia is VA locator's Chief of operations. She makes sure that all departments are running smoothly and keeps a close eye on each project. Patricia graduated from Santa Maria University, earning a degree in International Relationships. Her vast experience leading projects to successful fruition has helped her ensure that every voice is heard. She loves learning, improving, and helping others reach their maximun potential

Maria Machado - CMO

Maria is VA locator's Chief of Marketing. Among her responsibilities lies the marketing planning and execution with her whole team. She has a degree in Mass Media from Monteavila University, where she heavily focused on Marketing. She has lots of experience creating and executing plans for companies of all sizes. Maria is passionate about communication, social media, and all forms of advertisement. Her creativity is a vast as her experience.

Fernando Perez-Paris - Head of Sales

Fernando is VA locator's Head of Sales. He is passionate about communication and enjoys creating plans for clients to meet their expectations. He has a degree in Political Sciences and Government from Suffolk University. Fernando is motivated, driven person who is always searching for solutions and stays on top of the trends. His proactivity always keeps him engaged in many activities in his department. A true team player.

Daizenys Hernandez - Head of HR

Daizenys is VA locator's Head of Staffing. Her duties focus on overseeing the recruitment process and guaranteeing fair and accurate results. She has studied in foreign Commerce at Humboldt University. Daizenyz has a lots of experience defining profiles and selecting the most appropriate person for the job. She is passionate about helping others and ensuring that everyone feels heard and supported.

How we do it.

Let us get to know you and design a work plan around your needs
We look for the perfect match among our professionals or other sources.
Once we have pre-screened a couple of them, we let you choose your pics.
Then, you go into 1-on-1 interviews to make sure everything fits.
Once you pick the best one, we help him or her with the onboarding process.
Finally, you start working with your VA and take care of the administrative tasks.

Our Mission:

VA Locator is on a crusade to offer the best services possible with an experienced team of professionals. Our staffing solutions are aimed to become a powerful alternative to the most common recruitment options. We specialize in providing services to the real estate, marketing, and healthcare industries, but we are always evolving to offer solutions to all kinds of companies.

Our Vision:

We envision creating an ecosystem where professionals from Latin America are able to offer their services at fair rates to companies in different parts of the world. We wish to help them grow while we also offer a solid alternative to big or small businesses that are looking to empower their remote operations. VA Locator’s leadership knows that remote work is the future, and we aim to make it accessible to everyone who decides to switch.

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