Why is a WordPress web developer a must

Specific online platforms are considered universal due to their predominance in the market. Google is an excellent example of a potent tool that almost everyone has heard of and uses. WordPress has a similar presence in the market of website creation. However, have you wondered if this requires a specialized WordPress web developer?


To keep things simple, the answer is yes. You should get a developer to make all the changes to your WordPress website, as it helps you truly grasp the reach of this platform. Most people only build a website with some essential functions, but WordPress is a whole universe of tools.


WordPress has a whole arrange of possibilities, from a marketing funnel to compatibility with other platforms that only an advanced user can use in the proper form. A WordPress web developer is essential to help you optimize and keep your website clean of bugs. We want to devote a few words to express the features you will enjoy and why you would benefit from having a developer on your team. 


But what is WordPress, and why is it important?


Chances are that if you found this article, you already know what WordPress is but in case you don’t, let us take a minute to define it. WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that is most commonly used to build websites. In case you know about software, WordPress is mainly built in PHP, but it features support for MySQL and MariaDB. 


You can use it in many ways to build any type of site you need. WordPress has everything when you want to create a customized blog, a company site, or even a simple landing page. Over the years, it has gathered many widgets and similar tools that have allowed users to have full customizable options.


Now, it is possible to build an entire storefront (and the necessary back-end functionality) using only WordPress. When building your site, plenty of options are available to develop your online presence just as you envisioned. The customer journey you can create can be, indeed, a unique experience for your product and company personality. 


A WordPress web developer can push this platform to the limit and offer you a way to enhance your brand’s voice. 


Is it restricted to the front end?


Actually, no. WordPress shrines when it comes to the functionality under the wood. It is pretty easy to add plugins that complement the functionality of your site. Build a robust site that will strengthen your brand from SEO to integration with the marketing funnel; you will have a lot of options.  


The best part? You have options to choose from in case you don’t feel comfortable with the most popular one. In the case of SEO, Yoast is an absolute beast as it makes optimization a simple checklist. But, if you require a more straightforward approach, SEO Squirly further simplifies matters by providing tips while you write. It takes some strategic depth but offers a more friendly way of optimizing your content. 


Remember that some of the plugins you will find require additional payment. However, many of them are more than worth the price tag. They might not be that expensive, and the functionality may change how your website operates entirely. Do not be afraid to support your WordPress web developer with the plugins that he or she recommends. 


You have the opportunity to build a customized solution for the kind of site you want to build. Blogs, stores, and landing pages need their unique toolkit to work correctly.  


Is it expensive to choose a WordPress?


The price tag that your final product will have depends on many factors. The domain you purchase, the hosting plan, plugins, and finally, the WordPress web developer you hire. Some specific tools are more expensive, but they open up many possibilities for your imagination.


The idea is to find a balance between what you need and what you can invest. Some free options are outstanding such as MonsterInsights or WP-Optimize. They offer a lot of value even if they come for free. When creating a more specialized site like a store, you will need tools like Smush Pro to keep your images light so customers can quickly see your catalog.


We can’t stress enough how important the planning stage is so you can decide which paths you will need to take. This will mark the total cost of your project and where you should invest your resources to make an impact on your project truly. 


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What about security and information protection?


WordPress is known for its accessibility but does support specific basic security measures. Most experts agree that the platform offers a secure playground to build on if you keep the primary measures. A few examples are checking plugins before installing them and changing your passwords periodically so they are always fresh and safe.


However, there are security plugins such as Sucuri and Defender whose primary goal is to keep your data safe. They are handy when you handle payment data, social security numbers, and similar sensitive information that must be protected. They add an extra layer of security that you and your clients will gladly accept to keep you sleeping sound at night.


So, do not hesitate to add them to your catalog. But, as we have discussed during this article, a WordPress web developer is mandatory to ensure that all these plugins are working correctly. They can also identify if a hole in the security of your site is in place.


Does WordPress fit all companies and products?


Undoubtedly, WordPress offers many options for everyone, so it could be a potential first stop when it comes to building your online presence. Most companies op to stay with WordPress because of its simplicity and reliability. You can always create your project with custom code, but you can always opt for a more straightforward solution.


The level of compatibility that WordPress has with other platforms makes it an ideal solution for most companies out there. Do not doubt that your company will benefit from having a site built on this platform. You can also expand it to add new features without losing your old work. 


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Is there a way around the WordPress web developer requirement?


You can always build your project by yourself. WordPress is friendly to people who want to learn how to use the platform efficiently. You can find plenty of guides and material about how to do it yourself. But, as we have explained before, a certain level of customization and security features require a deep knowledge of code.


Also, it is a huge plus to understand each of the tools and how they can be integrated into other functions. Just like it happens with Canvas and graphic design, the fact that the tool is easy to use does not mean that a professional cant does it better. 


We have seen a considerable level of success with clients that decide to take the extra mile and work in tandem with a developer. There is absolutely no reason not to do it. 


That sounds incredible. How can you help me?


The best way to learn about what we can offer and how you can empower your sites is by scheduling a free consultation with us. Once we have introduced each other, we can proceed to study your case better. Not everyone is familiarized with remote work and the ups and downs that come with it. Maybe your project is a perfect fit, or you might have some unforeseen difficulties.


Our talented sales staff are experts in navigating your goals and diagnosing the situation thoroughly. Once we have established what needs to be done, we can proceed to a work plan where our WordPress web developers can make a difference.


Once this is done, the rest is only laid back and provides feedback on the work done. If you want to learn more about how we handle our projects, do not hesitate to visit our services section.


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Why is a WordPress web developer a must

Specific online platforms are considered universal due to their predominance in the market. Google is an excellent example of a potent tool that almost everyone has heard of and uses. WordPress has a similar presence in the market of website creation. However, have you wondered if this requires a specialized WordPress web developer?   To […]