Why virtual assistants are the best marketing solutions

Multiple sources and articles explore the impact of virtual assistants in marketing. Not in vain; they are one of the most demanded remote professionals in the market. There are almost no downsides to having your marketing efforts done by remote marketing staff. However, your marketing solutions can change what you imagine your projects forever with some proper research. 


That is why we consider it very important to harness this powerful resource. We wish to help you plan for your marketing projects and maximize your investments. Many recognize how remote work can improve their businesses but lack the proper implementation vision. It is also essential to have a clear goal in mind so you can see where and how to introduce them.


So, we hope we can answer all of your questions below so you feel safer when committing with virtual assistants. We know that your marketing teams won’t regret it. 


What is a virtual assistant exactly?


Let us start with the fundamental question: What is a virtual assistant? Most people think (incorrectly) that every person who works from home is a virtual assistant. That is not true. You can work from home as a freelancer, a remote employee, or a virtual assistant. All three of these categories are very different from each other. 


The answer is more simple than you can imagine. Virtual assistants are professionals who decide to work remotely for a specific client under a set structure. Most assistants work hourly and through a staffing agency that handles all the paperwork. They are not strange to contracts, but their work conditions are much more flexible than a regular employee. 


There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages that come with this type of work. The most important one for employers is that they are much more reliable than freelancers. Most virtual assistants come with a schedule and a work structure you can set before hiring them. However, they have some flexibility regarding tasks different from a regular employee. 


Most employees need to be available for their employers even if they finish their tasks, something that virtual assistants do not. They only receive payment from worked hours, so it allows them to become unavailable if no further work is required simply.



Do they need to have a profession?


It is not a mandatory rule, but most of them have. Those who provide marketing solutions graduate from marketing, mass media, or modern language mayors. The unique skills they learn during their careers allow them to tackle marketing challenges in several ways. Part of their success is their ability to transmit complex messages and create communication strategies from the ground. 


However, you can find professionals of different types who specialize in marketing using the unique scope of their careers. Developers, graphic designers, and psychologists are also some of the most popular professions in the industry. Each has powerful perks that give them an advantage regarding concrete processes around them. Creating or editing videos, launching websites, and picking the most appropriate colors are good examples. 


Skilled people who do not have a profession are crucial to virtual assistant staffing. Several positions value far more experience than a degree. A good community manager, content creator, or email marketing strategist does not necessarily need to be a graduate. There are plenty of experts who have had years of experience in these operative roles. They can perform exceptionally well in their roles and surprise you.


So, to provide a short answer, no. A virtual assistant can have any type of academic background. The only key aspect they need to retain is strong grammar and conversational skills. 


But what is the relationship between a virtual assistant and marketing solutions?


Well, now that you have familiarized yourself with the concept, it is time to see how it relates to marketing. Most people believe marketing is only related to social media, but many aspects compose it. When you design a marketing strategy, you need experts on different fronts, people to provide customer service, designers, copywriters, and other roles. 


Most virtual assistants can provide this type of work. Some will require training, while others may already have the necessary experience to perform. It all depends on how well you can identify them during recruitment. What is more, marketing is a fundamental piece of every company nowadays. You need to be able to face the competition and emerge victorious.


You may consider hiring a marketing agency to handle all this for you, but it will be an expensive solution. Some businesses can afford a whole agency; they must figure out simpler alternatives. Virtual assistants are the perfect answer in these scenarios. You get a professional who already knows his craft, and you can establish a 1-on-1 relationship with him, so he focuses only on your strategy. 


Also, you have the freedom to create a whole team that complements each other as you can hire as many assistants as you want. Most agencies already have an established system that might not be compatible with your goals.


As you can see, they offer many solutions for your marketing needs. You can create a whole team or just complement the one you already have. The possibilities are limitless, cheaper, and more flexible regarding your end goal regarding a marketing solution. 


Marketing Solutions

What happens if I have healthcare, real estate, or another complex business?


There is a common misconception that marketing only applies to traditional businesses. Even if your product or service differs from a conventional store, you must have a marketing strategy. The key to success lies in finding talent that has experience in that same industry.


To understand your product and goal, there is nothing better than experience. So, the challenge is not only finding experienced people but also the ones who know your industry. Finding someone with a profile this specific can be difficult. But, the results will be palpable once you start discussing your action plan. 


Alternatively, you can also find someone with a solid background in marketing that you can introduce to the industry. Either way, you will reap the benefits of investing in empowering your marketing team. 


Are there any key benefits that I should look out for?


We are glad that you asked. A virtual team offers you many different advantages over an in-site marketing team. Your team’s multicultural background and different locations can be very positive for your marketing efforts, particularly if you are looking for the secret code for productivity.


Asynchronous work is very beneficial for your company. You can tackle different stages of a project continuously rather than having to interrupt the rhythm due to the working day coming to an end. You can conceptualize, write, create, design, and edit in a continuous process if you have people in very different time zones. The same logic applies to your website maintenance, community management, and other continuous tasks. 


Communicating your ideas to your clients is also a complex task. One of the best marketing solutions that virtual assistants bring is their diverse background. Different cultures express the same ideas differently; enjoy the best of them all by having a plural team of marketing experts. 




Do these marketing solutions apply to all cases and projects?


Although virtual assistants are the best marketing solutions, indeed, they won’t necessarily work for all cases. The most common crash comes when you are not comfortable switching a whole department to work online. We know that it can be pretty scary to move all of your marketing offices to virtual spaces suddenly, but it is a change that will pay off in the end.


Suppose you insist on having a hybrid environment. In that case, you may consider different options, such as an on-site consultant or another way to do most of the strategy in your physical spaces. This will leave you with the operational side of marketing that can be easily outsourced. 


Before committing to a change of this nature, one must understand one’s limitations and objectives. Also, working with virtual assistants entails a lot of independent work. Micromanagement and similar work dynamics also hurt the way their workflow is executed. It is a bad idea if you need to have control over everything at all times. Confidentiality and cybersecurity are not a problem when working remotely, but we understand that sometimes information is too sensitive. 


Should I have them as part of my team or just hire them for a project?


There are a lot of variables here that will affect which option works better for you. But for the most part, your marketing team should be part of the internal staff, so you have better control over your social media. Specific roles a copywriting and graphic design can be outsourcer per contract basis, but others are more delicate.


A community manager, for example, must be someone very close to your business. They need to understand your voice and your plans and be able to quickly connect to other parts of your company. Each position’s complexity means you must carefully study how to implement virtual assistants in your company. In our experience, up to 75% of our assistants stay in a permanent position for their clients. 


Having a close relationship helps develop better dynamics for remote work. However, each company, case, and industry work differently. Our report from IT said that a more stable relationship works better, and we believe it is the same with Marketing in the long run.


Virtual Assistant

That sounds incredible; I want to hire one right away!


Well, there are different places where you can find a virtual assistant to help you. Popular websites such as freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are good starting choices. However, they specialized in finding nonrelated talent. However, you may want to find a better staffing solution to hire them. 


If you decide to do it yourself, you must start a whole scouting process. That means sending emails, screening candidates, making interviews, and onboarding new people. That is where agencies shine due to their ability to take this process off your hands. It might sound inconvenient to pay for this service, but it takes away much of your stress.


They can also handle payment alternatives that might be much more comfortable for you. Most professionals online can´t charge you directly from your credit card. But, established agencies do have that incredible alternative for you. They can also save you the struggle of finding more candidates if you wish to create a bigger team or just swap someone who is not working out. 


Your enthusiasm is very positive, but you need to be cautious. You should carefully consider your options and choose only when you are pretty positive.  


First steps towards starting your marketing solutions


We hope this guide serves you well as a guideline on what virtual assistants can do for you. You must also understand what you need to ensure the plan works. Do not hesitate to try all these tips and share your experience with us. We have different blogs offering similar points of view in different industries if you wish to learn more about another type of assistant.


Our sales team will happily help you find the best alternatives to remote work. Feel free to schedule a consultation with them and learn more about how we can cooperate. There are plenty of resources available for you to explore with us. We also have specialized talent devoted only to marketing which we know will make a perfect match with you.


Even if you decide to try another staffing agency or service to find your exclusive talent, we hope you find the perfect fit. Remote work is a trend that has come to stay, so it would be wise to stay and hop on the train before it is too late. 


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